LOBO Platform System

The  LOBO Platform System is a versatile work platform product that combines the flexibility and strength of traditional scaffolding with the simplicity and mobility of tower systems. This combination provides the ultimate access system that can be utilized across all industries and workplaces. Each system is custom tailored to meet your exact needs.

The LOBO Platform System is a unique modular system based around a patented no tools clamping design. Absolutely anyone can assemble these custom work platforms without specialized tools, eliminating the need to hire outside scaffolding help for new tasks or projects. Access Construction Equipment can provide training in the setup of your new system.

LOBO Platforms can be assembled in a variety of configurations, heights, shapes and sizes. Access Construction Equipment works with each customer to design a custom system using special software and your input. This results in a dramatic increase in efficiency, cost effectiveness and safety for your company.

The photos are just a sampling of the jobs LOBO has been used for and give you an idea of the versatility of this product and the endless possibilities of what it can do. Take a look at the video as well to get an idea of just how easy LOBO is to use.

LOBO Platforms are used by:

Boeing, GM, Volvo, Ford, Nasa, Bell Helicopters, Miller Brewing, Anheuser Busch, The Pentagon, Boston Transit, New York Transit, Bombardier, Rolls Royce, Johnston Space Center and the Denver Airport

OSHA Compliant


ANSI Compliant

LOBO Product line

Work Platform System

The LOBO System is a radical new concept in access equipment.


  • Safe access.
  • Low Cost
  • Easy, no tools assembly.
  • British Standard compliant
  • OSHA / ANSI A10.8 compliant.
  • CSAcompliant

Product Concept

The LOBO Work Platform System is a radical new concept in access equipment. From a simple Trestle Leg to a complex mobile free-standing structure, you will find no other system that offers such flexibility.

LOBO is Easy

LOBO Systems offer the user the facility to quickly construct a secure free-standing, static or mobile platform in a variety of heights and sizes, without the use of any tools. Our no tools, yet quick to construct concept, is setting new standards throughout the industry. As we continue to develop new products we are committed to improving our already tried and tested designs along with new and exciting accessories, to further increase applications.

Whilst most other access systems are both complicated and cumbersome to transport, our system packs away easily when not in use and can be hand carried anywhere.

LOBO is Flexible

This work platform system can be customised to deck out an entire large area or to provide a secure platform in a narrow passageway, giving you the facility to quickly construct a secure free-standing, static or mobile platform.

The Loband coupler is a unique patented clamp that allows you to fit round tube to round tube and round tube to square tube either side by side or at right angles., without the need for any tools. LOBO is a no tools scaffold system.


LOBO is Expandable

Our many accessories enhance our product in so many ways that it's hard to put a limit on the number of benefits achievable.

The accessory range allows full mobility by using wheels, Handrail attachments, customisable toe boards, LOBO Gate, ladder guards and Outriggers, all with no tools assembly! The product has been designed, developed and refined specifically as a simple to use assembley concept, with the customer in mind, in order to maximise usage, be totally versatile and minimise build time.

LOBO Quality

Our products comply with BS EN1004:2004 and British Standard Institute tested to BS1139 Parts 3 and 4, which means that you can rely on our products to give you the last word in quality, performance and durability. They are also compliant to the USA OSHA and ANSI A10.8 regulations. LOBO Systems products are manufactured out of the very finest materials and are subjected to rigorous testing and inspection. Corrosion resistant, with an electro-zinc plate finish, our products' good looks allow utilisation anywhere from the process plants to a five star hotel foyer.



Portable Lifting Equipment

LOBO Lifting Slider Beam equipment provides an easy to attach lifting solution.


All LOBO Systems Lifting Slider Beams are nominally rated and certified with a Safe Working Load (SWL) of 250Kg / 550 lbs.

The SWL can be upgraded further to a max of 500Kg /1000 lbs depending on the conditions and the way it is used.

The Lifting Slider Beam is designed to fully integrate with the LOBO System.

This means that the Lifting Beams can be positioned within a LOBO structure to provide limitless applications.

Alwasy perform weight and load calculations before using the LOBO lifting slider beams, always fit LOBO adjustable sway braces to the system. 

The Lifting Slider Beam is available in four different lengths to accommodate different Loboard lengths.

  • Lifting Slider Beam 12 ( LS12) for use with the 1.2m Loboard LB12
  • Lifting Slider Beam 18 ( LS18) for use with the 1.8m Loboard LB18
  • Lifting Slider Beam 24 ( LS24) for use with the 2.4m Loboard LB24
  • Lifting Slider Beam 30 ( LS30) for use with the 3.0m Loboard LB30
  • Lifting Slider Beam 30 ( LS36) for use with the 3.6m Loboard LB36


They are also available in kit form complete with LOBO Trestle Legs to produce a mobile lifting frame.



Hop Up Platform

Introducing the latest product in The LOBO Work Platform System Range

LOBO Systems has re-designed its Hop Up Platform to ensure safe working at height capability with even the simplest of systems.

The new Hop Up can be assembled, like the entire LOBO Systems product range, in minutes – without the need for tools.

By retracting its telescopic feet, the New Hop Up can be wheeled through a standard door frame.

There is a fail safe rear handrail which drops into place automatically behind the user.

The LOBO Systems Hop Up flat packs, making for easy transport and storage, is simple to construct and, by following the manufacturer’s guidelines, ensures that strict safe Working At Height legislation is met.

Podium Specification:

  • Any height position from 250mm to 1.3m • Safe Working At Height • One person podium
  • No tools assembly • Flat packs • Steel construction • MAX SWL 150Kg
  • Non-slip aluminium diamond plate deck boards with 1m handrails • Portable Tool Tray Option •


 The three Towerstores provide an easy, convenient and safe way of securing, storing & transporting your LOBO System components.

 Palletised feet ensure the Towerstores can be transported and sited in horizontal or vertical positions.

  • LOBO Kits 4512 or 4518 will fit into a Towerstore 0,
  • LOBO Kits 4518 or 4524 will fit into a Towerstore 1, 
  • LOBO Kits 4530 or 6030 will fit into a Towerstore 2,

with some room for additional components.

A padlock is all you need to secure the door and even though you can see the contents of the Towerstores, you will not be able to remove any LOBO components.

The LOBO Advanced Platform System Towerstores can also be fitted with wheels but only when horizontally positioned.

LOBO Systems Tool Tray

The LOBO Systems Tool Tray is a portable tool shelf which can be attached anywhere on the LOBO System or Hop Up.

 Made from steel with a rubber insert mat for protection, it is fully adjustable and robust with a weight rating of 10Kg or 22 lbs.

The LOBO Systems Tool Tray is ideal for maintenance engineers and tradesmen.



LOBO Systems Ladder Guard

The LOBO Systems Ladder Guard has been designed specifically to prevent unauthorised access to your LOBO Advanced Platform System and to ensure you complies to Health and Safety regulations.

 The product fits on all LOBO ladders, complete with a padlock and integral chain for securing the guard to your ladder.

The LOBO ladder guard is 270mm wide by 1200mm long and has a carry handle to make installation quick and simple



LOBO Systems Gate

The LOBO Systems Gate is a new product that adds safety to your existing LOBO Advanced Platform System.

The LOBO Systems ladder access gate adds security and complies with the Working at Height safety regulations.

For use when a ladder is used to access the LOBO Systems scaffold structure from the outside to safely secure the opening, preventing falls from height and incorporating a strong spring which close the gate after use, automatically securing the ladder opening.

It can be attached to the vertical side using Lobands, providing a self-closing gate. A side-stop is then attached to prevent the gate from opening outwards, reducing the risk of accidents due to falling.

It is reversible and simply attaches using 3 Loband couplers.

Two of the Lobands are used to fit the gate and the 3rd Loband is used to attached the side stop.



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