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Handiveyor Portable Mini Conveyor Belt

These Made In The USA Conveyors can be carried into position and set up in minutes. A foam-filled core sandwiched between stainless steel plates means they are structurally strong and durable while remaining lightweight, weighing only 168 lbs.

Conveyors allow for the transport of packages where conventional handling methods cannot easily go. Unload or load a truck with a minimum number of workers. Move materials up a flight of stairs or through narrow doorways. Modular conveyors can be set up as temporary lines and changed as needed, or installed in a permanent position. Conveyors can be operated and placed directly on the ground or on adjustable leg sections. Comes with a standard all-grip belt. Guide rails can be added for oversized packages.

Save your workforce from unnecessary steps and heavy lifting by moving
materials efficiently with conveyors. Handiveyors never tire, allowing more
versatility for your workers to do other tasks.

Unobstructed Surface
With the belt being the highest point, solid materials including packages of all sizes can run with no interference.

Every part of the system has been designed with safety in mind. The control circuit is 24 AC and ensures proper electrical connections before starting the equipment. A GFI on the power supply is recommended in potentially wet areas. The drive mechanism is contained within the frame offering no pinch points and the bottom belt edges are protected under guard.

Available in 120V, 220V single phase and 480 V 3-phase power

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