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Lightweight Portable Belt Conveyor Systems manufactured by Access Construction Equipment

Construction Conveyors - Portable Conveyor Belt – Mini Conveyor Systems

Some of the uses for our Portable Miniconveyor Systems are:
Sand and Dirt Conveyor Systems for moving sand, dirt and other debris.
Below Grade Conveyor Systems for moving materials located below ground level such as from a basement or crawlspace.
Rescue & Emergency Conveyor Systems used by emergency response crews to transport people or materials in emergency situations.
Construction Conveyor Systems used for demolition, clearing debris and moving building materials, concrete, and more.

Also used as: Mining Conveyors - Concrete Conveyors - Firewood Conveyors

Access Construction Equipment manufacturers our portable belt conveyors - portable construction conveyors built to withstand the rugged conditions on any job site. Miniconveyor and MiniveyorUSA portable mini conveyor belt systems are constructed of aircraft grade anodized aluminum sides, stainless steel slider beds on top and bottom, high-frequency microwaved PVC belting, hermetically sealed motors, and a high-density foam core. The combination of strength and versatility makes this mini conveyor system unique in the market.

Our lightweight portable belt conveyors come in 5’, 10’, 15’, and 20’ sections to fit the needs of all your jobs. Our 15” wide conveyors handle 25-30 tons per hour and our 20” wide conveyors handle 45-50 tons per hour. We manufacture portable belt conveyors in different voltage options, including 100V, 120V, 220/240V, 380V 3PH, 480V 3PH and 600V 3PH.

These portable conveyor belt systems are the ideal choice for moving loose materials, debris, rock, dirt, cement and more. Miniconveyor and MiniveyorUSA portable belt conveyor systems have been used extensively for:

  • below grade/ basement & crawlspace excavating
  • mining
  • tunneling
  • construction and demolition
  • disaster/ rescue & restoration
  • landscaping, greenhouses
  • sand and dirt removal
  • pool installation
  • firewood conveyor
  • tight access jobs
  • difficult terrain jobs

With accessories including hoppers, adjustable leg kits, side extensions to prevent spillage, clamp kits to mechanically lock conveyors together, and cantilevers, we can put together a portable belt conveyor system to perfectly fit your application needs. Whether you are inclining up a steep bank or into a dump truck, moving material across level ground, down a slope, or below-grade excavating, the Miniconveyor and MiniveyorUSA portable conveyor systems offer unique solutions for difficult jobs.

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